Choose an expert builder for your wind park’s infrastructure

What does Balance of Plant mean? 

Balance of Plant – BoP – stands for all the infrastructure and electrical work within a wind park. In other words, BoP contains everything except the turbines.

Road construction

In order to get the machinery and supplies on site, every project starts with road construction. Skarta Energy has a great track record of building roads in challenging conditions. 

Lifting zones

Properly designed and efficiently built lifting zones are needed for the project to progress smoothly.


Foundations are some of the most challenging parts when building wind parks. Both geotechnical conditions and turbine size need to be considered.

Electrical installations

Underground cabling stands for a small but important share of the costs – the energy produced has to be transferred into the national grid with no interruptions.

“Our experts have strong BoP experience. We are excited to do our part in creating the future of energy in Finland.”

Anssi Koski, Business Director

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